About Me

I recently graduated from the University of Utah with degrees in German, International Studies, and Economics, and moved out to Washington DC with my boyfriend, Austin.  

I got my education and became a stay at home mom - minus the mom part. 

I teach yoga.

I sew without patterns.  I'm not fancy enough to use patterns.

I knit small things - it takes less time ;)

I bake with real butter, real sugar and real cream.  And I don't feel a tiny bit bad about it and you shouldn't either.

I cook 'cause I have to in order to eat.  But I'm learning to like it.

I love to travel.  Especially if climbing, camping, and hiking are on the itinerary.  (Check out my travel blog here.)

And throughout the whole process I document everything with pictures.  (If you would like to use any of the photographs shown on this blog or its links please email me and explain the desired usage.  Thanks!)

Please feel free to email me with any questions or requests and check out my other blog documenting my time spent in Germany.  Or follow my other blog, which is a collaboration between me and my sister to document our reviews of the books that we read and recommend.  Thanks for visiting and please leave comments, I read and respond to each and every one of them - plus it makes my day to know that someone is out there!