Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Climbing in Arches...

...is not a sport for the shy. Granted we did climb the rock that is about a hundred feet from one of the most visited monuments in the parks.

The next morning, we tried (for the second time) to climb Ancient Arts in the Fisher Towers area but there
were already two groups on the route and four more waiting. We quickly deserted that plan for an easier and shorter climb, only rock-throwing-distance from Balanced Rock. "Bubo" is a climb that goes right up the cracks and deep chimney on the tower directly to the right of Balanced Rock. Therefore, we had quite the crowd watching us while we were getting ready. Especially with the arrival of a big tour bus moments before we started. By the time we got up there most everyone had gotten bored though and we were pretty hidden from view of the new arrivals. Even though Austin feels "goofy" when people watch him climb, I think it kind-of helps me climb more cleanly. Probably because I've always been afraid of looking stupid in front of people. Surprisingly enough, not one person complained about us defacing a national treasure!

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