Friday, April 22, 2011


My favorite thing to do when I have a big flat of strawberries from Costco that are going to go bad soon is to pile them on top of delicious homemade pound cake and then smother them in homemade whipped cream...that's just what I'd do.  You can do whatever you want with them.  This morning I resisted the urge to have more cake for breakfast and instead used some of those strawberries to make a smoothie - still delicious, but not quite as satisfying.
Don't you want some? :)
I also got these little guys ready.  I love dying Easter eggs...I am still trying to convince Austin to get up early on his day off and hide the eggs around the apartment for me :)

P.s.  Happy Earth Day!  For all of you that are lucky enough to live someplace that has beautiful landscapes everywhere you look and nice weather 99% of the time - go it in my honor!


Karen said...

That looks high altitude mishaps out there!

Sarah M. Flinn said...

this one always turned out well at home too (trick is running your knife through it first like you would with an angelfood cake to get out all the air bubbles) but my cookies are definitely fluffier here :)