Monday, May 16, 2011


Austin and I flew home last week for our graduation and were lucky to have a beautiful weekend for it.  In the morning Mitch Albom spoke at the commencement ceremony.  He was a great speaker and had a great message (think: condensed version of Tuesdays with Morrie).

After a great lunch and desserts with our families, we had a relaxing afternoon then headed back to the U (University of Utah) for the college of Social and Behavioral Sciences ceremony.  It was a little less than personal but I'm glad I walked anyway.
There were over 250 students that graduated with me with a degree in Economics and by the end of the ceremony, there were only 17 of us left sitting there for the Masters and Doctorate students to be awarded their diplomas.  Apparently, in 4+ years of college there is no time to teach some manners.

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Karen said...

yup..they were rude alright...sorry for the people that were at the end of the ceremony...