Monday, May 2, 2011

Rehoboth Beach, DE

Friday as I was sitting around doing nothing, I decided to look up the weather at the beach for the weekend, then I found us a campsite...then I found out if Austin was interested.
Saturday morning we got in the car, turned on Daniel (the GPS) and trusted him to get us there.  He did.  We just didn't specify that we were not interested in the scenic route.  And by "scenic," I mean kind of sketchy.  So I have faith that next time we can get there in 2.5 hours.
When we first got there we did exactly what you're supposed to do at the beach: nothing.  We sat, we read, we napped.  It was perfect.  Austin, being newer to the beach experience hasn't quite learned to just sit yet so we walked along the boardwalk, looked in the surf shops and later went to the outlets to get some tax-free jeans.  (Did you know Delaware has no sales tax - Gas is still expensive though, don't get too excited.)
I will post again later about our first Eastern Seaboard camping experience and Ocean City, MD.  Stay tuned :)

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