Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Wild West

Remember how I told you I would post the rest of my pictures soon.  Well, I lied.  Working really gets in the way of everything else.
Yes, you read that right, I am now working - well for one more week, then I go on Safari!!!  I didn't want to get to too overwhelmed, you know :)  Yesterday, Austin and I spent the majority of the day in Target getting the last of the stuff that I need for Kenya.  You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find clothing that is not bright or white.
Anyway while I was at home, I went to Gage's graduation (Austin's brother) and his graduation party.  It was a pretty standard high school graduation, but it felt weird to see Gage finished with high school!  I first met him when he was only 12 years old and since I am the youngest in my family, I've never experienced that before :)
Other than that, I went for a walk on one of the trails by my house and took some pictures:
Then on Saturday afternoon Austin, his grandpa, his dad, my dad, and I went out to Echo Canyon to go shootin'!  I shot 5 pigeons this time and I got to fire a muzzle loader!
Other than it being too short of a weekend, it was pretty perfect :)


Anonymous said...

My favorite part, of course, is your ode to the word, "fudge!" That is so funny...if you've lived in Utah very long! But your photos are always breathtaking!

Sarah M. Flinn said...

Fudge was a nickname that Missy gave to me when I was really really little! Thanks for the compliment!

Oh, and congratulations on your engagement!