Monday, December 28, 2009

A Lesson in Economics

Since I am studying economics at the University of Utah, everyone that I come into contact with wants to talk about "the Economy." First of all, I hate this about my major. Economics is a very politically charged topic so naturally there are different opinions about how to deal with it and in Utah, rarely do I agree with the people that ask my opinion. Therefore, I can do one of two things: either pretend like I don't really know much about the situation which makes me look like an idiot who's not getting much out of her education, or I can give a watered down answer that will be less likely to offend anyone no matter which side they are on (complaints about a do-nothing Congress work well here.) But here it is my true opinion: we, as Americans who like to complain about the "bad Economy" (with a capital "E" which puts it up there with God in the scale regarding things that are out of our hands) need to take responsibility and do something about it. We all need to support local businesses, now. Maybe this means buying a little bit less at higher prices, but when it comes down to it we can't keep relying on China to bail us out of our problems while simultaneously providing us with goods that are literally poisoning long as it's a bargain though right?! I know this is a little late since I just missed posting this before the biggest consumerist holiday of the year but since only some members of my family read this anyway, it shouldn't make much difference.

I for one am getting really tired of everyone complaining about the Economy while they aren't willing to do anything about it. I am not denying that there needs to be serious restructuring of our corporations as well as our Government while they're at it, but Americans pride themselves on independence, so it seems to me like we need to start doing something long overdue, independently of the Government. On the Rippleffect blog I read about a woman who has started a project to educate people on the importance of buying local and buying from small businesses, so look at it, take it to heart and try to the best of your means to do your part. (3/50 Project)

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