Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Photography Challenge

I was reading through a friend's blog today who does photography and she is doing the 52 week challenge with Paint the Moon. Basically, they give a theme every week (actually 2 themes and you can pick one) and you take a photograph that fits the theme for you. You can post your pictures to a Flickr account and join their group. It's for any type of photographer with any type of camera just to get people to take their cameras out and play with them a little bit. (And of course, it's to get people to hopefully purchase the Paint the Moon products, but that's not what I'm promoting!)

So anyway, I figure since I have some time I will try to do this. Plus it's a good way for me to practice with my camera (since Austin says I need to get faster before the safari or I will miss all of the animals!). I'm sure I will miss some weeks and things will happen, but that's just life. But if you want to do this with me go to the Paint the Moon site and find out how!

I'll post the photos that I take on here so you can see how I interpreted the theme for the week.


The Brooks Family said...

Hey Sarah- I hope you are having fun doing the 52 image challenge. I love your tennis ball photo. It's great!

Sarah Flinn said...

Thanks Katrina! Your blog is the "friend's blog" that I found out about this so thanks for posting about it! How are you doing with the challenge so far?