Monday, April 4, 2011

Our Patriotic Weekend

Fireworks and baseball and hotdogs!  Saturday night Austin and I watched the waterfront fireworks show (part of the cherry blossom festival) and we were very pleased to find out that we could in fact see them very well from the roof of our building!  So we made some hot cocoa and went up there to ooh and ahh!
Notice how no one is behind us at this point...they were down 11 to 1 and it was kind of cold.  But we're not fairweather fans!
Sunday, we started our day with a brutal workout and then ate a huge delicious breakfast around noon :)  Afterwards, we went with a friend to the Nationals game.  It was fun, even though they lost...I'm told to expect that from them, but oh well, the hot dogs were good!  
Oh!  Pudge (Ivan Rodriguez) plays for the Nats (that's what "we" call "our" team, since we live here now!) ...and as my family already knows: "I like Pudge!"
Now I am back to work for just a few more days.  They had us actually doing something today...I think that's better.  It made the day go by quicker...slightly.  And Friday, Austin's family comes to visit and I can't wait to have visitors!  Now my family just needs to make plans to get out here :)


Karen said...

Looks like you should have no problem getting tickets!

Sarah Flinn said...

Yes, it is pretty easy...and they are only $5 if you get them day of about an hour before the game! That's the silver lining to having a bad team I guess. The only games that it might be hard to go to are the ones where they are playing teams that people actually want to see!